Our Specialisations
Wet Trade & Tiling Works for:
1. HDB BTO Wet Trade & Tilings
2. HDB Home Improvement & Lift Upgrading Programmes
3. Condominium & Private Properties
4. Swimming Pools
5. Commercial & Industrial Buildings
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Our Projects

We have a proven track record of ensuring timely delivery of projects. Clients appreciate our friendly and service-oriented project teams. We practise flexibility in job/site coordination with other builders engaged by our clients ensuring smooth and safe operations at all times.

We adhere strictly to construction standards, paying attention to industrial best-practice methodologies and process flows.

Our company culture is highly sensitized to environmental considerations and sustainability, minimising wastage of material and resources.

As a small family-run construction company, we are privileged to have been provided SPRING/ESG government funding for office automation of office processes. This greatly helps us in improving our project management, work teams to HQ communications, human capital and financial management.

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We provide E-Deck Wet Trade & Tiling works. This challenge calls for stringent standards and high quality of finishes with 6 pools (3000m2 and 1 over-flowing line). Pool safety and surrounding floor areas is a priority to all residents and users.

For the new condo development projects, where the facade is finished with precision to showcase evenness, verticality and squareness of the architectural lines and angles.

Our Works