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Top-3 reasons to choose Kyi Heng

We take pride in our work and observe strict standards of practice:

1. Professional and Detailed Finishes
2. Timely Completion of Projects
3. Commitment to High Quality Output

1. Professional and Detailed Finishes

Why do we put so much emphasis on details when it comes to finishing?

Whether it is a home or a commercial space, people interact with the space (through sight and touch) during and after the renovation works, and Kyi Heng wants best feelings to arise from the interaction. 

That is the main reason why Kyi Heng believes it is essential to ensure clean and neat work: where joints are carefully aligned, tiles are evenly matched, floors are properly leveled, fixtures are safely attached, electrical/air-con drainage pipe casings are neatly finished.


2. Timely Completion of Projects

Any project, big or small, has constraints on the time to start and complete. We look at the timeline realistically and schedule our work accordingly.

We anticipate and advise our customers on potential issues. For example, the installation of the air-conditioning system, where drainage pipes and cables may be laid by the provider without any consideration on the finishing. Such unsatisfactory outcomes can be avoided if discussed prior to start of renovation.
Our mastery of time management and optimal sequencing of work processes ensures all our projects are finished on time set out by our customers. When unforeseeable circumstances or events arise, our clients appreciate that we also do our best to adapt in a reasonable manner so that our work will not compromise on quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

3. Commitment to High Quality Output


  • Material

  • Method

  • Workmanship

We recommend the best quality material available to our customers. Most people would prefer things to last a lifetime, so when considering the lifetime of a property, we have to think in terms of 30 years or more.​

Our masters and craftsmen will strictly apply methodologies according to up-to-date industrial standards, as advocated by Singapore’s Building & Construction Authority.
For example, we insist on conducting a 24-hour Waterproofing Ponding Test when we renovate toilets. We can thus ensure water is not seeping through to the unit below. If this test is not carried out, after laying tiles, water may leak or drip down to the unit below, causing displeasure, inconvenience and strained relations with your neighbour.
We also take great pride in the quality of our workmanship, which can be seen in our tiling - when joints are consistent and even. We make sure there is proper bonding between finishes and wall, making fall-offs and accidents non-existent, as our customers testify.

Our business has remained sustainable over the years simply because we are committed to serving the needs of our customers with a high quality and of work. We ensure our work meets - and even exceeds - the industrial standards within all reasonable performances.

Our pride and hard-won reputation is your assurance of quality.


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Our Services
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Our Craftsmen hone and polish newly-laid marble using floor machines. Packages for regular maintenance can be arranged according to your desired frequency.

Especially for older properties with tiles that are not sold anymore, we provide renewing of homogeneous tiles - so that they look refreshed and clean.

Marble / Tile

Polishing & Maintenance


Instead of a plain surface, a false ceiling helps to conceal electrical ducting for lights, fans and other special effects such as cinematic set-up in your living space.  You may also wish to install partitions in your house, specific to your needs for various activities.


Ceiling and



Changing your floor tiles can give your property a fresh new look.


We work with vinyl, tiles, marble, mosaic or even a plain cement screed floor.



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We install and service all major brands of household sanitary utilities and equipment. Simply choose your favourite designs and colour combinations – and we will handle the rest.

In case of household plumbing emergencies, you can Call 8800 5500 for urgent help.



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We can provide certified electricians to cater to any installation, rerouting and repair to lighting equipment, wall/ceiling fans, electrical board damages due to fire or short circuit.



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Call us to enquire for minor services such as installing your online-purchased items. 


The Handy Man Service

Whole Unit Renovation

This may happen when children have outgrown their baby pink or cartoon decorated nursery rooms. Kitchens and toilets often need refurbishing. You may then consider a whole unit renovation to suit the current and future needs of your property.
Or you've simply bought an old house and wish to strip out the
fixtures and finishing and replace these with your dream designs.

Whatever the reasons, have a chat with us to see what are your real needs and find out what can be done. We are here to serve you. And consultation is free.

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